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Saving Money at the Pump

By June 10, 2022 No Comments

Gas prices continue to set records. Here’s how to save some money at the gas station!

It seems as though each new day brings a new record for average gas prices. With even short trips becoming more and more taxing on the wallet, it can be difficult to plan for your summer. Luckily, there are some ways to save a little bit of money at the gas station, and we have some tips and tricks to ease some of the burden. Let’s get started!

Stay Home

The easiest solution is the most obvious one. By staying home, the gas you already have stays in your tank, and your money stays in your wallet. There has also never been a better time to plan activities at home. The pandemic revolutionized fun for those who love to stay in, and now you can see brand new movies, listen to brand new music or have dinner—cooked or ready-to-cook—brought straight to your door. The possibilities for fun are nearly as endless as the possibilities outside the home, and current gas prices give us every reason to embrace that.

Take Alternative Modes of Transportation

Though some cities are spread too wide to take alternative modes of transportation everywhere, shorter trips can be made more cost-efficient, and more fun, by ditching your car. While summer might bring the heat, it can also be the perfect time of the year to wipe the cobwebs off your bike and take it to the grocery store. Additionally, many enjoy accompanying family, friends or roommates for a walk to a local restaurant, supermarket or shopping district. For those lucky enough to have effective public transit systems, buses, subways or light rails can be extremely effective ways to navigate large metropolitan areas. Those who use public transit often save on gas and the added cost of parking in major cities. As a bonus, walking, biking and taking public transportation are great for the environment!

Use Apps to Track Fuel Prices

Though gas prices continue to reach new peaks, so does technology. If you absolutely must use your car, apps like GasBuddy can tell you exactly how much nearly every gas station in the area is charging per gallon. With a widespread database to show you the cost per gallon at stations near you, you’re able to fill your tank with the knowledge that you paid the lowest price in town. Users who visit these gas stations are constantly working to keep the price displayed on GasBuddy accurate, so you never have to wonder who has the lowest rates. It’s all available at your fingertips.