How Much Time Should You Put Into Your Short Game?

By February 19, 2020 No Comments


80% of their practice time on the short game. Why? Even Tour players have bad ball striking days or have periods when they are out of sync. During these times, the short game can be the difference between making a check and missing the cut.

Consider Phil Mickelson. He is known for spraying it off the tee into places never seen before by other players. How does that inconsistency turn into all those majors, and how does he hit 10 greens in 18 holes and shoot 65? The short game.

Even when you are striking the ball well, you may run into rounds when you are constantly in between clubs and landing long or short all day. The short game is why consistent scoring is still possible.

Another important result of practicing chipping, pitching, putting and bunker play: it relieves some of the pressure of having to hit it close on every hole to score. Additionally, the confidence you get from a good short game can have significantly positive effect on the rest of your clubs. Those with good hands around the green usually have great swing tempos and great ball striking. Try spending at least the first half of your practice sessions around the practice green for a great pay off.